Predictive Analysis at its best

There are lot of ways predictive analysis can help

Data is put to its most valuable utilization when it is used to identify patterns of future change based on a study of historical and Live data. Every set of data that is available can be used as inputs in a Predictive Analytics platform. When all data is unified and continuously put through machine learning, trends and actions that are going to be occur in the future are identified in the present. Looking at use cases of Predictive Analytics

Monitoring manufacturing operations

With sensors deployed in a manufacturing unit, every component is monitored in real time. Any impending failure of a part or a process is raised much in advance. With advance predictions, the issue of downtime can be eliminated. Quality is ensured with analysis of all patterns detected in the manufacturing process leading to fail-proof manufacturing outputs.

Predicting credit default

Predictive analytics can be used to develop a model on the possibility of a credit default in the future by individuals, institutions or countries. Using Logical Regression methods, the probability of default can be predicted by the system.

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